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"Four days a week I spring out of bed super excited to exercise with JoAnna and her participants. The class has strengthened my core and made me so much stronger. It aslo energizes me mentally, starts my day out with such a cheerful attitude, and meets social needs seeing friends! I highly recommend it as I can't say enough positive about JoAnna and her class."

Kim B., 1 Year+ Class Participant

What to expect in a workout

Each workout contains 5 core components:

Warm Up


Main Workout: Cardio or Weights

Core Exercises

Cool Down

BONUS: Verbal Affirmations before and after workout


Warm Up


Steady State Cardio

Weight Lifting

Core Work

Commit To Getting Fit!

If you want to change your life, then change your habits. Get involved with a group of like minded women and enjoy the journey! Join us today and take the plunge that so few do - that is taking care of YOU!!


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