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Four Steps You MUST Know

Before  Losing Weight

Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to lose weight?

Learn how to break down your journey into four simple steps, to figure out what is holding you back, what to do with what you find and stay engage in the process so you can get the results you desire in your weight loss journey.

The Difference Between Who I Am and Who I Want To Be Is Only Separated By What I Do!

Do you ever wonder why some people achieve more success than others?

It's very simple. It is too easy to keep doing what you are already doing. It might feel hard every day, but it is much much easier to continue with your every day routine you have established instead of making a change.

Change is hard. But the reality of your current situation is that it's about to get even harder.

Learn how to break down your journey into 4 simple steps, using this ultimate e-guide to figure out what is holding you back, what to do with what you find and help you stay engage so you can get the results you desire in your health and wellness journey.

Take control of your health today!

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What Will You Learn Inside...

You will learn The 4-Step R.A.R.E. Method, consisting of 4 essential steps that you need to know before starting your weight lose journey so you can take control of your health and achieve your goals. Don't just take control of your health, take control of your life!


Ignite your inner desire to get a clear vision of what you want to achieve and understand your motivation for pursuing your goals. A clear vision will mean more focus.


Create a spark of enthusiasm  to identify ways to put what you have recognized into play. Develop a plan for achieving your goals so you can stay organized and on track. 


Get excited as you examine the way you think about your journey and how to realign the way you think to match your desired results. Learn my technique to do just that.


Kick start that dream goal and commit to taking consistent action. Pursing goals will not always be easy. Always embrace challenges and celebrate your progress.

Who Is The Creator of The 4-Step R.A.R.E. Method?

Meet JoAnna! She is the creator of this four step method. She wears many hats in her life's journey as a wife, mother, rancher, hunter, digital creator, fitness and nutrition coach as well as a boutique owner. She is obsessed with horses and has been since she was old enough to know what a horse was. She says, "Jesus is my savior and horses are my therapy".

Throughout her journey, especially over the last four years, she has realized that there are four big steps that she continuously steps through to reach her goals successfully. She put these steps on paper (actually on her phone in the middle of the night one night in August of 2019) and is here to share them with you today so that you can benefit from them too.

Hi! I'm JoAnna Hartsoch

I am excited to share with you these 4 steps that I created to keep myself moving forward with my weight loss goals. I have taken what we all do on a daily task by task basis and broken it down into 4 steps that you need to know before you attempt to lose weight. Why?

  • Because when it comes to losing weight, it makes the tasks more manageable and less overwhelming. It allows you to see where you are at in the process so that you can focus on smaller pieces, decrease overwhelm and lower the chance of procrastination. It helps you see where the breakdown is in the process. And it can help keep you motivated to work toward task completion.

  • When it comes to losing weight so many people get stuck. The goal of losing weight becomes daunting and frustrating. At this point we don't exactly know why we are stuck or what to do to get unstuck.

  • These 4 steps will help you review where you are at or where you are stuck so you can identify what you need to do to get back on track. It will allow you to become aware of what you are doing so that you can make a CHOICE as to what you are going to do going forward.

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